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  • How can I place an order?
    You can place your order online via our convenient Contact Us form, by phone by speaking with a TFC representative at (713) 661-5324, or send us an email: Please take a look at our menu prior to placing your order so you have plenty of time to consider the many selection options.
  • What size of events or orders can you cater?
    We cater to events with 10 to 5,000 guests. We have a minimum of 10 people per entree; however, never hesitate to contact us with special requests. We always do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • How much do you charge for delivery?
    Our delivery fees start at $20 to the Medical Center and increase accordingly based on mileage and amount of labor that goes into the order. Please keep in mind that we always work within our client's budget. One of our top priorities is to save you money.
  • What are your methods of payment?
    We take all major credit cards, cash, company checks, house accounts, direct bill, and purchase order numbers. Deposit may be required for some catering orders.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver to the Greater Houston area. Feel free to contact us if your event will be held outside this area---with The French Corner Catering, the sky is our limit.
  • What are my delivery and set-up options?
    We offer four delivery and set-up options, from self-serve and pick-up to full-service catering. Self-serve customer pick-up: Our staff will prepare your order and have everything ready for you to pick up at The French Corner Catering at 1104 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, Texas. Plates, bowls, napkins, flatware, and serving utensils are included. Food is prepared in disposable catering pans, hot and ready to eat. All necessary condiments and toppings are packaged separately. Drop-off and dash: Our staff will prepare your order and deliver it to your location. Food remains in its delivery containers. Set-up is the customer responsibility. Basic set-up: We deliver your order to your location just before you're ready to serve your guests. We open the delivery containers, remove all the wrappers, and leave everything ready for you to eat. VIP set-up: Our VIP option includes our full catering services. We handle every meticulous detail of food service for your event. We can provide as little or as much assistance as you need. Service includes chaffing dishes, elevations, linens, and any full-service catering needs you may have.
  • How far in advance do I need to place my order?
    The soon the better. We prefer 24-hour notice; however, we specialize in last-minute orders. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are here for you.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Yes, you must cancel your order at least 24 hours prior to the day of your scheduled delivery.
  • Once the guest count is given, do you allow changes to be made?"
    We request a final guest count be provided no later than 5 business days prior to your event. The reason we have a cut-off date is so that the proper amount of food can be ordered without having excessive waste and to ensure that there is enough for the count intended. Increases in the count are allowed 72 hours before the event. However, keep in mind that when the guest count increases there are several other aspects of the event that may need to be increased, such as number of tables, table linens, serving ware, favors, etc.
  • Do you deliver on weekends?
    Yes. Please inquire to make those special arrangements.
  • What is your earliest and latest delivery time?
    The earliest we deliver is 6 a.m. and latest is 7 p.m. Please inquire about special delivery times. We always do our best to meet your business needs.
  • Do you require a catering contract?
    It all depends on the event and our current business relationship with your company. However, it never hurts to have everything in writing, so both parties are clear about the catering arrangements. A catering agreement is generally required for large corporate events. These agreements work out every detail of the catering services to insure you have an outstanding event and all of your needs are met.
  • What can you do for guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?
    Special diets - like kosher, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free - are a major concern for some guests. Our chefs will gladly prepare special items for those guests with dietary restrictions. Please let our event planner know in advance if your guests require special meals.

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